Hot Linking

Just a few words about hot linking images. It is frowned upon by the owners of websites, and is illegal. I have noticed a few images that have been hot linked in various articles. Besides being illegal, it is also using the bandwidth of the server from the website you are hot linking from. This can result in penalties from Google in search results.

Please download the image first, then re-upload into wordpress media. It only takes a few seconds.


  1. Suzanna told Veth the same years ago. I also mentioned it, but for a different reason. It is a backdoor for hackers!

    • It was OK on disqus, we didn’t own it. On here it is different. Google could block the site from search engine results. I did notice that Unian stop the image from being hot linked, all you see is the url of the image.

    • It can be dangerous if you hot link from a dubious site. You could invite all sorts catastrophes onto your website.

            • That is a terrible site. There is nothing on it. Seems it could take from a few days, to a few weeks for the site to show up on search results. It all depends on how Google algorithms index the site.

              • I hope you’re right, I was wondering what happened to Ukraine Today dot com when I got stuck with dot org. Oh well, if that thing shows up on Google certainly ours will eventually end up #1……if we can stay in good grace with Goolag…..;)

                • Some organisations will buy a domain name, but never use it. The likes of coca cola will buy every configuration they could, to stop somebody registering a site using the coca cola name.

                  • You know there’s potential when I search Ukraine Today and the first site that pops up is Unian. Speaking of Unian, I know some former ZIK people that are working there now. We might get hooked up with them too :)))

                    • I think the old Ukraine Today was bought by Unian. Quite a few links go to Unian instead of Ukraine Today.

                    • I wonder what they bought exactly, considering that dot com place and our dot org? The original UAToday was disqus too wasn’t it? If that’s the case, they will have nothing when disqus shuts down

  2. I already like the site more than the discus one. Top effort boys! I hope to see many more good followers with good info and good opinions joining in due course

    • Thank you Sir Scradge, I have a feeling they are coming. The “Reader” page is a really good option for readers and from what I see, our Followers are BIG readers.

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