Zakarpattia customs transfer more money to budget after Zelensky’s visit

Zakarpattia customs, part of Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service, transferred UAH 740 million in customs payments to the state budget in July 2019, or 77% more than in June 2019, the Office of the President has reported on its Facebook page.

“Due to the coordinated actions of the regional state administration, Zakarpattia customs of the State Fiscal Service and law enforcement agencies, transfers to the state budget in July this year amounted to UAH 740 million, which was 77% more than in June [2019] and 74% more than in July 2018,” the report reads.

The Office of the President said that such results had been achieved due to “the appointment of a new chairman of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration and a frank conversation between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and local customs officers in early July.”

On July 6, Zelensky appointed Ihor Bondarenko as a new chairman of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration.

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  1. In real words: 77% was robbed/.stolen/hidden for 27 years…………………………….billions even in dollars on that time-periode.

  2. Illicit enrichment! Some people need accounts inspected and monies returned. Also appliation of striped sun tans for the leaders.
    This problem has existed across Ukraine for decades.

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