SBU detains Russian national preparing act of sabotage at Army airfield (Photos)

23:50, 08 August 2019    – The Cherkasy resident has been making improvised explosive devices.

The Security Service of Ukraine’s counterintelligence team detained a Russian national who had been preparing an act of sabotage at an Army airfield in Cherkasy. The operatives have documented that a Russian man who lived in Cherkasy region had been making explosives and improvised explosive devices, the SBU press office said. The perpetrator also conducted reconnaissance in the area adjacent to the military airfield.

“During authorized investigative actions at the place of residence of the culprit, law enforcers seized three improvised explosive devices, almost two kilos of chemicals, an electric detonator, two types of explosives, notes with chemical formulas, specialized literature and schemes for creating explosives. Materials were also found that testify to him having collected information about the object of sabotage,” the statement said.

The detainee has been charged with sabotage. He will be held in custody pending the investigation. As UNIAN reported earlier, in July, Ukrainian counterintelligence agents prevented a large-scale terrorist attack by Russian forces that could leave Kharkiv without water supplies, as well as cause a leak of a toxic chemical.

(C) Unian Information Agency


  1. Good catch by the SBU but to solve the problem, Ukraine needs to stop letting the ruSSo-terrorists into the country. Maybe its time to go back to the Marshall plan and keep out all the men from 20 – 60 years old? Ukraine needs to at least make them apply for a temporary visa and biometrically record all the Moskali that enter.

  2. Russian man living in Cherkasy. His citizenship is not clearly explained. Could be a recruited Ukraine national of RF descent looking for a few extra rubbles.
    Still qualifies for a long sentence in the slammer and then sent to Siberia!

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