Russia Freezes Bank Accounts Linked to Opposition Politician Navalny Following Raids

Russian authorities on Thursday froze a slew of bank accounts linked to jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny as part of a money laundering investigation, Kira Yarmysh, his spokeswoman, and Russian investigators said.

Russia’s Investigative Committee announced during protests in Moscow last weekend that it had opened a criminal case into the laundering of 1 billion rubles ($15.3 million) by Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). Authorities raided the FBK’s office in Moscow as part of the investigation, the committee said Thursday.


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More than 100 private and legal accounts have been frozen, investigators said after Yarmysh said that his foundation’s and regional offices’ accounts were blocked. Accounts frozen included those associated with the FBK, some personal accounts of allies and accounts belonging to Navalny’s headquarters.

“Searches are being carried out at a number of FBK employees’ residences, the organization’s office and other locations as part of the criminal case today,” the committee said in a statement.

An unspecified number of staffers have been summoned for questioning, the committee said hours after early-morning reports that authorities raided the homes of three FBK lawyers.

Navalny and his allies say the foundation, which has published a slew of embarrassing investigations into government officials, is transparently financed from public donations.

He is serving a 30-day jail sentence as his allies stage protests every weekend against authorities’ decision to bar opposition candidates from a Moscow vote next month.

Reuters contributed reporting to this article.

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  1. I know that not everybody is a fan of Navalny, concerning his position on the Crimea. But we have no better alternative. I hope he and his followers will bring down the rats in the Kremlin. If Putin was as strong as he claims he would have Navalny killed. Seems the support for Putler is shrinking and canceling Navalny may cause a Red Square Maidan.

    • Likely we would see the same sad story we saw with Nemtsov, that he was a criminal and a thief. When people hear something a hundred times they begin to believe it. Unfortunately, this common phenomenon is even easier to achieve in Moskovy because the media is almost completely controlled by the criminals.

    • I believe that you are correct.
      They can’t just kill him. His. ” Allergic reaction ” got alot of press in the west.
      This is how Putin will silence him with very little reaction from the west or the Russian people.

    • I would expect so. This is BS smoke and mirrors to smear his reputation. KGB owns the courts.

  2. Taken these measures shows the Junta becomes desperate by the day. The endgame has started…………….but it will takes a few years………

  3. I bet all these claims have been in the planning stage for awhile and pooface gave the go ahead.

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