EU hopes Russia to influence Russia-occupation fighters in Donbas to reach ceasefire

The European Union has reiterated that they expect Russia to use its influence on Russia-occupation fighters in Donbas with the aim of an immediate cessation of hostilities, and also noted the importance of intensifying negotiation efforts for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The respective comment by the European side was spread in Brussels on Wednesday in connection with the intense hostilities near Pavlopil, Donetsk region, which caused the deaths of four Ukrainian troops.

The EU spokesman called such actions a flagrant violation of the agreed ceasefire, which also puts civilians at great risk.

He said that full compliance with the ceasefire is a decisive step towards the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, which is the basis for the peaceful and sustainable settlement of the conflict, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

At the same time, the EU representative said that in Brussels it is known that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the Normandy Four meeting at the level of heads of state. The EU emphasized the importance of intensifying negotiation efforts aimed at the sustainable and peaceful resolution of the conflict. In this regard, the EU reaffirmed its full support for the efforts in the Normandy format, the OSCE and the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG).

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  1. “The European Union has reiterated that they expect Russia to use its influence on Russia-occupation fighters in Donbas with the aim of an immediate cessation of hostilities”

    How long are the EU going keep repeating this BS? When is one of the jellyfish going to tell Putin to remove his Russian scum from Ukraine? They repeat this lie so much, they probably believe it themselves. If by some miracle the jellyfish said remove your military Dwarfy, or Nord Stream 2 will disappear, you would see a remarkable withdrawal of Russian military from Donbas. Unfortunately for Ukraine, it will never happen.

  2. The EU appeaser scum have their heads in a place the sun never shines. Their rose colored glasses see only good stuff taking place. The stupid appeaser shiits can not call a manure pile a stinking heap of shiit for fear someone, somewhere will be offended. So they offend the silent but moral majority!
    The stoopid shiits still talk negotiation thinking just passing warm air over lips again will bring a mysterious peace. Welll, out of that collection of morally bankrupt butt kissers, it is the lips they sit on that I trust to tell the truth. When those lips speak, they say “I am full of shiit!”
    The only solution to the deaths of wonderful, peace loving Ukrainian citizens is getting in Pee Wee Pootie’s face and reading him the riot act. This means nose hair to nose hair in his face. No more NS2 and Turk Stream to Europe until all Pootlerstan military are out of Moldova, Georgia, Donbas AND Crimea. That is all personnel including subversive agents buried in cells waiting to cause terrorist acts.
    The banking system access gets thrown on the table with a spec ops combat knife through it so it does not blow away!
    When talking to the murdering midget, you have to back the honey wagon up to the door so he can smell the shiit he is in! Now the bets are in you can not flinch, call.

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