“DNR” propagandist counts up that only 0.28% of Donbass men joined “militia” of “DNR”

Only 0.28% of men from the Donetsk oblast of draft age have joined the ranks of the “DNR” militants in 2014. Such disappointing figure for those who call the Russian aggression “civil war” was announced by speaker of the “people’s police” Daniil Bezsonov on his page in social network.

“According to non-official statistics, in 2014, 0.28 percent of the total number of men living in Donetsk and Donetsk oblast, who were able to hold weapons in their hands, joined the militia. This is not even 1% and not 5%, but 0.28% !!!!!”, – he was indignant.

“If at least 5% of the male population took up arms in 2014, then everything would have ended long ago, and the enemy would have been defeated. But we have what we have. And we will get out of harsh reality”, – he summarizes.

As previously reported, Russian and, after it, separatist propaganda is trying to present the aggression of the Russian Federation in the Donbass as “civil war” and “internal conflict.”

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  1. Which goes to prove, that this is no civil war, but a direct invasion from the scum to the East.

      • Yeah, these idiots would stand up well in a court. They keep shooting themselves in the foot, time and time again.

        • Speaking of shooting themselves in the foot, I had to add this site as a Follower on the Reader page so our articles could be viewed there. Not sure what happened but its fixed now.

          • I think the first few days a couple of strange things happened. Everything seems to be fine now. The name button in the comments appear to be working OK now.

  2. An admission by one of the liars, again. Igor Girkin complained while still in Ukraine that he could not recruit enough of the local population. Reasonable people would take that as a statement of rejection, and go home. Just proves we are not dealing with reasonable people!

  3. The local salaries in Donbass were decreased by 30%, so people could fight for 160 dollar per month………….and still only 0,28% joined for this high salary…………

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