Trump may get involved in Donbas negotiations

US President Donald Trump could get involved in the Donbas negotiations.

Kurt Volker said that an active dialog between Kyiv and Moscow would be very important to resolve the conflict.

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  • Yeah. Any rape victim needs a dialog with the rapist.

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  • BS. This conflict could be resolved in 5 minutes. Get these sanctions slapped on Nord Stream, or will they have the same fate as the sanctions from “hell”, we are still waiting for?

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  • Need the Nord Stream sanctions! Those will piss off the Sauerkrautes and Frogs appeasers looking for a few rubbles profit on EU gas sales. Fack ’em. What have they done for the US? Sell over priced autos that circumvented emissions laws! They underfund NATO and refuse to antiup hoping when the shiit hits the fan, and it will, that the US bails their sorry asses out again. They rob from national defense budgets to fund social programs which appeal to citizens. Stoopid people keep their heads in the sand, enjoying the good life, until a foreign military kicks their door in and hauls them out into the street. How many times through history has that happened? Too many to count and that is likely just around the next corner.

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    • Yeah. Like the dutch. Complaining about too many tourists. Once nobody will visit no more they may wake up. Arrogant EU fucks!

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      • I like the Dutch too but they still haven’t decided if the Crimean gold they borrowed belongs to Ukraine or Putlerstan. If someone steals my car just because they want it, it doesn’t mean it is theirs. They better not blow this, Crimea has suffered enough from the Red Plague.

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  • Got that right Red! Burglar breaks into your house does not mean they get to wear your clothes when they leave. I think it was one of the Austin Powers movies; “the Dutch are not to be trusted”. The Dutch court may be hoping enough time passes and probably more fighting and everyone will forget and they inherit the goods.

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