Russian-backed Luhansk leaders spar with Ukrainian official

On Aug. 6, two officials of Russian-controlled Luhansk unexpectedly walked across the bridge into Ukrainian government-controlled Stanytsia Luhanska.

Yuriy Zolkin, head of the local government, stopped them and asked what they were doing there in the sixth year of Russia’s war against Ukraine, with a death count of 13,000 and rising.

Vladislav Deinego, the Russian-backed “foreign minister,” and Olga Koptseva, the Russian-backed “ombudswoman” of Luhansk, answered Zolkin in a boorish manner, using phrases such as “who are you?” or “bite your tongue!”

First, they argued about the territory.

“According to the Minsk deal, Stanytsia Luhanska and Shchastia (another frontline town in Luhansk Oblast) are ours. But we don’t raise this issue,” Deinego told Zolkin, a video from Fifth Channel uploaded to YouTube shows.

“What do you mean ‘ours?!’” Zolkin said.

Then both sides started arguing about their authority and the status of the de facto Russian-controlled territories inside Ukraine’s borders, which Deinego and Koptseva represent. Zolkin called these areas a “fake formation.”

Stanytsia Luhanska is the only crossing point between Russian-occupied areas in Luhansk Oblast and Ukrainian government-controlled territory. While there are no more Ukrainian soldiers in Stanytsia Luhanska as part of the demilitarization of the area, it is still unclear why there were no police or state security officers to stop the separatist officials.

“Do you want to make us leave?” Deinego wondered.

“You have nothing to do here. Did you come here to provoke?” Zolkin said.

A YouTube video featuring the visit of two officials from Russian-controlled Luhansk to Ukraine-controlled Stanytsia Luhanska on Aug. 6, 2019.

Deinego said he was not afraid to be in Ukrainian-controlled territory and wondered why Zolkin was afraid to cross to the Russian side.

There would be plenty of reasons to be afraid.

At least 19 Ukrainian military and civilian hostages are currently held by Russia, according to the Media Initiative for Human Rights.

Zolkin responded that Ukrainian forces would retake control of all of the Donbas “just after you run away to Putin.”

“Bite your tongue,” Koptseva shouted at him.

In the end, Koptseva and Deinego went to meet with United Nations representatives and then returned to Luhansk via the same bridge.

On the same day, Ukraine lost four soldiers , who were killed when Russian-proxy forces fired a grenade launcher and struck a Ukrainian trench near Pavlopil in the southern part of Donetsk Oblast.

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  1. “Deinego said he was not afraid to be in Ukrainian-controlled territory and wondered why Zolkin was afraid to cross to the Russian side.”

    Russian side, what Russian side? Muscovy are not involved in Donbas according to the kremlin. I can think of many reasons why no Ukrainian will go over that bridge. Murder, torture, kidnapping, to name three.

  2. Do the Kriminalin methods of arrest;
    Police arrest on trumped up charges and have the courts keep extending the incarceration time for full “investigations”
    These are illegal and unrecognised occupied territories, so these people have no diplomatic immunity. You could be fairly certain there was at least a couple of Pootlerstan snipers with orders to fire should this belligerant pair be arrested, to shoot the Ukraine police.

    • No doubt about it. They are not brave enough to walk across that bridge without protection.

  3. How utterly horrible for Ukrainian officials to have to interact with putinoid nazi vermin like these.

    • Sometimes I wonder if getting Donbas back would be beneficial, or one big hindrance for Ukraine. Specimens like these two are obviously Russian in thinking and behaviour, and there are probably many more like them.

      • There are possibilities here focusser, either let the Vatnikis keep the disputed territories with a view that the more land Vatnikistan has, the quicker it will bleed out,


        Once they have these Territories wlii they want more and simply invade more.

        I say get them out, if those living there want to be Vatnikis let them fuck off out of Ukraine and infest the rathole with the other vermin.

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