A shame!

Ukrainian soldiers complain about the lack of Western equipment.

Igor ‘They show us advanced technology, but they won’t send it. We have to deal with Soviet technology while Russia upgraded theirs.’

Many Ukrainian soldiers supported Zelensky, hoping he would change things around, but now are getting increasingly suspicious about the new president.

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  1. The javelins they sent Ukraine are under lock and key somewhere, nowhere near the front line. It’s time Ukraine started treating this as war, and not some fucking money making scheme.

  2. Agreed. Time to blow some shit up. Some Russian shiit. Blow it right out of their shiitty arses!

  3. A shame is fucking right!!!
    This is an army that has faced deep challenges in three years on the front, including low pay (around $600 a month) and a constant trickle of casualties that goes unnoticed by much of the world. It has succeeded in turning the corner on many reforms and in freeing themselves from two decades’ worth of Soviet structures that hampered it. Their next step would complete the revolution that began on the Maidan .

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