Texas shooting

Just browsed the news about the shooting at Wal*Mart in El Paso. One interesting picture i found, showing the shooter with his gun, which appears to be an AK-47.

Your thoughts?…


  1. I think it’s obvious who brainwashed him and eventually supplied him with a gun. It is naive to think that only ISIS is run by Russia, some white nuts are easy tools as well to destroy our society.

    • Education systems are facked. In conjunction with parents the youth grow up “entitled”. Little shiits don’t handle being held accountable well.
      The two from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island that we have had a 2 week man hunt for after 3 murders in northern BC. RCMP looking in 4 provinces and now have divers in the Nelson River in northern Manitoba. The parents of one got divorced when he was 5 and he did not handle it well. Should have been sent for councelling. Three innocent people murdered for no apparet reason. They did steal the 63 year old proffessor’s vehicle and burn it in Gillam, Manitoba. ??? Senseless!

What is your opinion?