OSCE to conduct training course for Ukrainian civil servants

The office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities announced on 5 August 2019 that it is supporting diversity training courses for civil servants in Ukraine over the coming years.

“In co-operation with Ukraine’s Culture Ministry, National Agency on Civil Service and Center for Independent Political Research, the High Commissioner on National Minorities has developed a training course on diversity management for civil servants and public sector employees. The course was piloted in June 2019,” reads the announcement on the website of OSCE.

As noted, the objective of the project is to produce a training handbook and train future trainers, so that “the course can be offered more widely on the national, regional and local levels from 2020 onwards.”

All participants will be officially certified by Ukraine’s National Agency on Civil Service and the Ukrainian School of Governance.


  1. Sounds to me the EU wants to prepare Ukraine for receiving an influx of refgees when they integrate Ukraine. RUN AND HIDE UKRAINE! RUN AND HIDE!

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