Russia Probes Alleged Money Laundering By Opposition Leader Navalny

August 03, 2019 14:40 GMT     

Russian investigators say they have launched a money-laundering probe against jailed opposition leader Aleksei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, which has worked to expose Russian officials’ questionable wealth. Employees of the foundation “received a large sum of money from third parties which they knew was procured illegally,”

Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement on August 3, estimating the laundered amount at 1 billion rubles ($15.3 million.) The foundation’s “accomplices…gave a legal appearance” to the funds by transferring them to bank accounts and ultimately to the accounts of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, the statement said.

The announcement comes as opposition protests organized by Navalny’s allies and supporters were taking place in the Russian capital, Moscow. Hundreds of demonstrators were detained by police.

Navalny, an anti-corruption crusader and vocal Kremlin foe, is currently serving a 30-day jail sentence for violating rules on public gatherings. Navalny, 43, was taken from detention to a hospital late on July 28 with severe swelling of the face and a rash, sparking fears he had been poisoned. He was transferred back to jail a day later.

On August 1, Navalny requested an investigation that includes a toxicology report and a request to see surveillance video from the Moscow detention center where he is being housed. Navalny has been one of President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critics for the better part of a decade, through multiple incarcerations, a barred attempt to run for president, and a hamstrung bid for the Moscow mayor’s post.


  • I guess since Putin’s poison didn’t kill him, he needs to be kept in prison on more fabricated charges. Using a “3rd party” financing is only for the Kremlin when they want to do something illegal or immoral, like hacking or trying to interfere in other elections.

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  • stanleyankiewicz

    Even if he figures out how to deal with Navalny, Putin will still face a trickier dilemma: How much longer will the cocktail of inertia, stability, and fear of the unknown keep him generally popular? And, if that political tincture loses its potency, what will his next offer to the Russian people entail? He may be able to delay answering those questions for some time, but not forever.

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