How to publish an article the easy way.

First thing to do is click on the link “to choose a block”

Next we choose a block.

The list of blocks appear. and are self explanatory. If you want to insert an image, click on the image block, if you want to insert text, click on the paragraph block, etc.

Blocks can also be rearranged if you want an image in a certain position, by using the scroll bar to the left of the block.

Once you are happy with your article, click on the blue publish button in the top r/hand corner.


    • Yes that is usual in wordpress. You can also review it before publishing. The block system allows you to insert all types of things easily. Mike was asking about inserting images in comments, it can be done, but not easily. An image needs to be uploaded, then you have to use code to make it show.

      • I tried to install Disqus comment engine here, but one has to upgrade to Business, costs 200 Dollars. 😠

        • Yeah, I much prefer to use Most things are free, except purchasing a domain name and hosting fees, and they are way more versatile.

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