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In one of my articles, instead of inserting the main image into the article, I used a featured image. Using a featured image shows up in the excerpt of the article on the front page. The featured image button is on the r/hand side of the new post page. To keep things consistent, do we have featured images in all the articles, or not use them at all?


  1. I like pictures, that’s my opinion. I also think especially for our site because we are very familiar with the players. When someone sees Vladolf it gets them fired up and want to opine. Also, when people just scroll down to see what’s up they can get a quick idea of what the articles are by checking out the pictures. Great question Focusser.
    By the way, how do you…and everyone…feel about posting ads at the end of articles and using the proceeds to help the Donbas vets?

    • I like the images too. I think it gives the site more appeal. Everyone likes to see images, a series of articles excerpts with text would look boring IMO. As for the ads, I think it’s a great idea. I used to support our troops by donating food in the supermarket, but nobody seems bothered any more.

      • We used to do that too and it looked like a mess. I’m still searching for a good group that is doing honest work….inside Ukraine. We will find one, even if we have to send you downtown to get some vet pizza…lmao….I’m sure those guys know a good one.

      • Question: as I understand it, someone opened a Facebook page for UA Today, right? Could we use that to connect and export to FB? The UA journos told me that’s the way to go.

      • They are automatic, we just have to decide where to allow them. They can be at the top as a banner…which are annoying sometimes…or at the end of an article, or at the bottom of the home page, or even just for visitors 🙂

        • I do favor the bottom of the homepage. Also i think that on the bottom of an article we should not use source logos, but just the (c) sign and the name of the source. No more crappy and oversized logos. And the channel logo is not needed either in an article no more.

            • Just changed my mind about the ads. Put them on the bottom of the article. Otherwise people may not notice them.

                • Many don’t use their real names for security purposes. I have been thinking about that and decided on a new site, a new handle.
                  I have been asked why I can be a grumpy old bastard, by young guys.
                  Comes from working with smartass punks.
                  Generally not that grumpy, but get that way concerning the Russia guvment.

    • Vladoff the murderous midget gets me wanting to apply a stiff right uppercut!
      Mikey likes pictures of boobies, but what red blood male and probably half the females does not?
      Posting ads at the end with proceeds to support vets is an excellent idea.

  2. It was me that opened the FB page, until I was banned from it. Mike is admin on there, if he can get the Url, we can use the fb widget and connect to it.

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