The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


  • We now have a total of 3 sites, 2 blogs, and 1 Facebook group. If this trend continues, each former poster from Disqus will have at least one site or blog.

    Just noticed when i add a smiley to my comment the format will collapse…

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  • LOL, could be, he likes to do that stuff. I need to figure out how to get the translator to the top. I am getting most of the traffic from Ukraine. 3 Germans looked to, lol…there’s hope.

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    • Maybe it’s all good with your site here, my site and Focusser on Reddit. Definitely will bring the message across. As long as we hang out on all sites from time to time all is good. Time will tell which site will be number one. I had hundreds of visitors already. Cool i can see that now on my site.

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    • Dmitry is lost showing off his new smile. What happened to Knut? Alina wear him out and have to put him in a seniors facility?

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  • Sorry, Red. When i click on the ‘like’ button i get redirected to a blank page. Had similar issue’s on Focusser’s WordPress site. But here my likes for your comments:

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  • Ha ha ha. I had trouble with the Like button too. I think you have to be signed into WP for that stuff.

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  • OOOh I like this, sign in with fakebook, makes it nice and easy for me, $190 for a years subscription isn’t too bad, I have no idea what the current cost should be, I imagine it depends upon what you do with the resource.
    I pay £50 per year for domain and up to 5 email addresses, but don’t change the content of my site much, so if it is being used in the manner this is I think you would have to pay more anyway.

    Well done Red!

    P.S. does this increase the number in the UK to 2 now on this site?

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    • lol Paul. Its 70 bucks for the Google support…that part killed me…100 for the website and 20 for the Domain name.

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      • LOL. Me and Suzanna live and work in Flensborg since March. Will stay until summer next next year. Larisa is still in DK taking care of the house. So i am obviously amongst the germans on your radar, although i turned location off and use a danish sim card. 😀

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  • I knew it was too good to be true……LMAO! Maybe you and SuzyQ can set them straight….

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    • Ha, ha, ha! Many residents here a danes. Even much of the media is danish here. The germans in this part of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) are very friendly and open. If we go more to the south of this state we mostly meet illiterate white trash. 😂

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    • Must have a similar education system to N. America; no zeros and push them to the next grade no matter what they do or do not know. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, a kid getting 40% on tests and work, if done, goes on. That means they don’t know 60% of the crap they should. Now they have an arm tied behind their back because they don’t ave the basics for what is taught in the next grade.
      Two shooting sprees in the US today. I had told a Schoolboard Trustee the police should lock him up when the next young person went postal. He denied any responsibility for that. I told him he was directly responsible by teaching the youth whatever they do or don’t do is acceptable. Then they get a job and find out what failure is; not good for their psychy! I also let him know he should get his money back from the University as his four years gave him a stupid attitude and took any common sense he may have had.

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  • I moved the translate widget to under the search widget. You can rearrange widgets by going into the customise section, and just drag them up or down to where you want them.

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  • How does one post videos or pictures in the comment section?

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  • англійський масон

    Hi Guys, thanks for adding me as a contributer, I have changed avatar and user name just for laughs, if nobody has any objections I will probably only post stuff about the good things Ukraine has to offer, such as Holiday experiences there.

    I’m not much for Politics and really am not qualified to do much more than offer an opinion on articles others post.

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